Changing Times




Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are now open by appointment only if you left items you need to pick up.

We are not able to take in new work at the present time.

If you have left items with us, they are sharp and ready for pick up.

Simply call and make an appointment and we will meet you at the shop.


We are retiring, but are hoping

 that Tool Crib will have new owners ready to serve all of you,

as soon as it is safe to do so.


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Lawn & Garden Tools

We sharpen chainsaw chains, hedge shears, pruners, handsaws, shovels and hoes.


Sharpening Prices >>

Router Bits & Hole Saws

We sharpen carbide tipped router bits of all shapes and sizes and many types of hole saws.

Sharpening Prices>>

Specialty Items

We sharpen carving chisels, lathe chisels, and more.


Shrapening Prices >>

Carbide Saw Blades

We sharpen carbide saws for cutting wood, steel, aluminum, copper plastic and more. 

Sharpening Prices>> 

Planer and Jointer Knives

We sharpen planer and jointer knives up to 36" in length.

Sharpening Prices >>

Household Items

We sharpen scissors and knives of all types.


Sharpening Prices >>