Why Sharpen?

Sharp Saws & Tools Do a Better Job

Sharp Saws & Tools Make the Work Easier

Sharp Saws & Tools Save Money & Avoid Waste

What is A Sharpening Steel?

That knife hone that came with your block of knives is a very useful tool, but it is not for sharpening. If you use it correctly, your knives will feel sharper and cut better. You still have to get them sharpened every once in a while.

Sharpening: Sharpening removes some material from the knife edge to produce a new, sharp edge. Sharpening can be done less frequently than honing- just a few times a year, depending on how much use the knife gets.

Honing: Honing can be done often. It does not remove material from the knife, it pushes the edge of the knife to the centre to straighten it and align it.

Can Carbide Saws be Sharpened?

Yes. Carbide tipped saw blades are intended for long life and when sharpened correctly will give you a clean, fast cut. Missing or broken teeth can usually be replaced.

Is It Worthwhile?

Yes. When you bring us an item to sharpen we will quote you a price and a delivery time. Some things are better off replaced, but most can be re-sharpened many times.

How Long Will It Take?

Usually three working days or less.

What Else Do We Sharpen?

We sharpen a wide range of cutting tools for wood, metal, plastic etc. Please call or email for items not listed on the website.

Why Is My Blade Dull After I cut Laminate Flooring?

The finish on laminates and hardwoods is extremely hard and abrasive. It is not unusual for carbide saw blades to dull very quickly when cutting these materials.

Are New Lawn Mower Blades Sharp?

Lawn mower blades need a sharp edge to cut the grass well. New ones usually have a bevel, but are not sharp. Reel type mowers should also be sharpened professionally before the first use.

Can I Mail My Blades to You?

Yes. Be sure to package the items carefully. A bubble mailer works well for some items. Include your name, telephone number and full address. We will call you when we receive your items to quote you a price, so that you may pay by credit card.